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21.12.2020, 14:58

Ilsur Metshin: “We transferred half of the municipal services digital and were ready for challenges”

The transfer of only Land and Property Committee to electronic document management allowed to save a truckload of paper.

In Kazan, the number of online applications of citizens for municipal services in the third quarter of 2020 doubled the figures at the beginning of the year. To date, half of municipal services have been transferred to electronic form, and these applications are more than 70% of all applications of residents and entrepreneurs to the Executive Committee. As the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin noted today at the Business Monday, the pandemic showed how timely it was.

“We believe that the applicants appreciated the convenience and speed of online services”

The 24/7 availability of municipal services is the main priority in the work of the Project office. As Deputy head of the Executive Committee Radik Shafigullin noted, 2020 showed the correctness of this direction.

During the spring self-isolation period due to the pandemic, the total number of applications for municipal services decreased by a third compared to the beginning of the year. But the number of applications for digitized services in the same period increased by 20%, reaching almost 40% of applications.

“We started moving in this direction four years ago intuitively, somewhere-on enthusiasm and believe, even when no one really believed in it and did not understand. The pandemic showed how timely all this was. We had transferred half of the municipal services digital and were prepared for challenges. The main motive at that time was to reduce the terms of providing services to citizens and businesses. The numbers speak for themselves, but despite their impressiveness, this is only the beginning of work”, - Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, commended the work accomplished.

The filling of municipal geo- information system continues

“The coronavirus was a catalyst for another process, which we were very careful about, as it is a complicated work. This is the transfer of the process of reviewing draft projects in electronic form. We left this work for 2021, but self-isolation created a stalemate when we quickly found an interim solution. Therefore, now applicants submit draft projects to the Department of Architecture and Urban Development through the portal of public services or by e -mail”, - R.Shafigullin said.

In addition, the development and implementation of the first stage of the integrated municipal geo- information system (IMGIS) was completed in May. Today, it has 10 structural divisions of the Executive Committee. “At the second stage, the system will include such areas as housing and utilities, transport, social policy, and this includes education, sports, culture, youth policy, and a significant leap in automation and digitalization will be made, which will be felt by both employees and applicants,” the speaker said.

Work continues to reduce the timing of provision municipal services. “Three years ago, one of the main goals of the Project office was to stop using paper. This year, the Land and Property Committee transferred contracts of gratuitous use between institutions and write-off cases to digital. The transfer of contracts for operational management and economic management will launch soon. Thanks to this, more than 600 municipal institutions have moved away from manual preparation, transfer and signing of documents. It allowed to save more than 100 thousand rubles for paper, and this is a whole truck”, - said the Deputy head of the Executive Committee.

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Business Monday, 21.12.2020
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